To The Honourable Members of the Alberta Legislative Assembly and colleagues; 


The Alberta Alliance for Safe Body Art is a non-profit organization dedicated to continued advancement in body art standards for public safety. 
Working as a collective voice for tattoo artists, body piercers, permanent makeup artists and studio personnel, the AASBA provides education resources, industry governance and monitoring.



Alberta Alliance for Safe Body Art Strategies for Relaunch. 

AASBA will be offering a no-charge information course online to inform body artists in Alberta about incoming Alberta Guidelines and Standards for tattooing and body piercing. The course will also outline new information about COVID-19, environmental criteria and infection control measures to keep tattoo, piercing and permanent makeup studios safe.  There will be a test at the end and a certificate of completion will be available for download and print to display in studios. 

The information provided in the course will be based on current industry and government standards and AASBA guidelines. 

The AASBA is confident in the competence of Alberta body artists to keep public and staff safe. Alberta tattoo, piercing and permanent makeup artists have implemented these guidelines even before the initial closure of our businesses. The following updated criteria will introduce additional measures that will be followed during the relaunch stage. A projected opening date of June 1, 2020 for all body art studio staff that have completed the online seminar and exam and who have adapted to the new proposed safety measures outlined in this proposal is anticipated. 

Employee and Client Safety Measures

-Employees must be in good health with no symptoms of COVID-19, have not travelled by air or out of province for 14 days. 


-Clients must be in good health with no symptoms of COVID-19, have not travelled by air or out of province for 14 days. 


-Employees and clients must immediately don fluid resistant masks upon entry to the studio. Clients must doff masks after leaving the studio. Employees will follow appropriate standards on disposal of PPE. 


-Artists will wear PPE that protects their mouth, eyes, and body/clothing from potential contamination. 


-Studios will be open by appointment only. No walk-in foot traffic or friends/family/spectators will be permitted. The studio doors will be locked at all times except to let clients in and out.  


-Customer consultations will be done virtually online to reduce the number of visits into the studio.


-Tattooing and piercing around the nose and mouth will not be permitted during this time as clients would have to remove protective masks for the procedure.


-Food and drink is not permitted at work stations. Clients may take a break in the lobby to drink or eat a snack, wash hands and return to the appointment with mask on.


-Appointments should be staggered for adherence to recommended physical distancing guidelines. 





-Revised client release forms affirm that there are no symptoms of Covid-19.


-Release forms may be signed online during this time to reduce handling of surfaces in the studio. These release forms will still be printed out in copy and stored physically onsite as we already do per Alberta Guidelines.


-Client followup at 14 days would be utilized to check up on the health of the client. This reporting will be available to public health officers. 


Studio Environment


Alberta body artists will continue to maintain infection control guidelines and standards that have been in place in our studios for decades to minimize the risk of exposure to BBP and other potentially infectious material and disease. Our studios have already been designed to have safe flow of traffic, safe engineering controls built into our studio design and staff trained in work practice controls to operate safely. 


-Staff will continue to clean and disinfect all environmental surfaces with appropriate commercial disinfectants before and after daily opening to the public and after each client interaction. 


-Staff will continue to utilize disposable  barriers for work surfaces, client areas and for application equipment including machine and clipcord bags, drape sheets and dental bibs, etc. 


-Inks, disinfectants, disposable needles and tubes and other critical items will continue to be handled and stored in a safe way, as per Alberta Health Guidelines and standards; the same as we have always done. 

-Open layout studios will utilize physical, non-porous barriers between workstations, or appointments will be staggered in respect to physical distancing guidelines. 


-The Association for Alberta Safe Body Art  does not recommend home-based studios are included in this proposed relaunch as transparency for day to day operations cannot be effectively monitored by the public, the AASBA or public health officers. 

The online seminar and test will be available by May 15, 2020. 

We are prepared to implement these guidelines immediately. 
We look forward to continue working with Alberta Health Services to ensure a timely and safe relaunch. 


Lexci Krahn
Alberta Association of Safe Body Art